Josh Garcia aka Modus has built a steady reputation for being one of the up and coming musical tastemakers, selectors, and producers. The Los Angeles native is a musically trained drummer and guitarist — music naturally became an innate part of Modus’ life. Since starting out his career performing in Barcelona clubs while living abroad, Modus has had the opportunity to play amongst the world’s leading musical heavyweights and DJ superstars such as: Alex Gaudino, Pleasurekraft, and Simian Mobile Disco at Los Angeles’ top venues that include: Avalon, Exchange LA, The Standard, and Central. As of late, Modus’ focus has shifted to his own personal productions. Drawing upon influences such as: Adam Beyer, Luigi Madonna, and Gary Beck. Modus’ productions hope to take listeners on a musical journey that blend bass, rhythmic depth and melodic contour. Though versatile in nature, his sounds are united by one singular aim: energy and dance. Modus’ production and collaborative efforts have since proved fundamental in pushing him through as both an artist and DJ. Modus continues to push the boundaries in sound, improvisation and experimentation. His untainted and committed musical vision has helped catapult him into a small echelon of young producers who are ready to share their story. If one thing’s for certain, his story is not one to be missed, but also one that you will certainly never forget.


Born in Brazil, Allan Feytor is a techno producer currently based in Berlin, Germany. He Starts his career as a DJ in 2003 in Sao Paulo State. Dj for almost 20 Years and Music producer around 12 years. Evolving his technique and originality, Allan Feytor established himself as a respected local D, big reference and inspiration for many Dj’s and Music Producers. With this recognition, Feytor decides to invest more in his career, raising opportunities to play in other states and outside Brazil. Over the years Feytor has performed in several countries and big festivals bringing his originality, style and groove to many techno fans. Feytor is passionate about producing high quality tracks with his own approach by blending a classic techno groove with dark atmospheric layers and punchy acid lines. Since when his moved to Germany in 2014 Feytor was working hard in the studio elaborating his techno productions and after many studio sessions, in October 2017 he brings the Ep called "Acid Modulations" with 3 tracks which entered in the Techno charts in the main Digital shops. After that, Feytor was invited by the Legend Dave the Drummer to released an EP on his Label Hydraulix Records. The EP called "Hypnotisch" was ranked top 6 Hard techno release on Beatport Charts. Also including a massive Rmx by D.A.V.E The Drummer which Hits the top20 Tracks on Beatport. After that he has released several EP’s in other respected techno labels: Hydraulix Records, Emphatic Records, Dolma Records, Redrum Music, Analogue Audio, and of course in his own label Chromium Music, Upcoming releases on: Emphatic Records, Liberta Records His tracks was been supported and played by: Dave the Drummer, Cristian Varela, Richie Hawtin, Spartaque, Ilario Alicante, Sander van Doorn; Remixes and collaborations with: Cristian Varela, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Robert S, Vinicius Honorio, David Meiser, TKNO, Heerhorst, Alen Milivojevic. Influences: Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Setaoc Mass

vince weyn

While trying - to find a suitable sound, your sound, you learn a lot about music -about how things work and not work together. Influenced by your favorite music, or new sounds you some day find yourself as well.” After some years of sound experiments and music production studies whereof one year was spent at Deutsche POP Academy, vince weyn released his debut EP on Bonkers Records in early 2019. During the year he continued his work with the mexican based label in two compilation releases, followed by a remix, as well as his second solo ‘Inception’ EP. Weekends were time with his local crew for some DJ gigs in his hometown party scene. 2020 started well right off with a beatport top 51 and beatport techno top 8 chart release in collaboration with his friend Stephen Disario on italian techno label Frequenza Records by Nihil Young, which will make us straight looking forward to his upcoming releases: A second collab release with Stephen Disario on german label Black Snake Recordings by Darian Jaburg in march, as well as a compilation release (followed by a solo EP) on new formed Operandi Records by Modus for Q1 are confirmed already! vince weyn takes a next big step by signing a 3 track to Say What? Records by techno legend Ramon Tapia (which will be followed by another 2-3 tracks to Orange Recordings by Steve Mulder) bringing his sound to a complete new level! Be prepared for more to come..

Stephen Disario

Stephen Disario has placed himself at the forefront of Los Angeles’s techno community with his signature brand of moody, driving techno. Whether in the studio, or behind the decks his sound is distinct, and his passion is clearly evident in his music. He is also a massive contributor to the Los Angeles scene by booking amazing talent like Julian Jeweil and Pig&Dan under his brand Cognition Events, a highly sought after events company he co-founded; and through his involvement with H2Audio, one of LA’s premier sound companies. Stephen has gained early support from artists like Brennen Grey, Emmanuel, Joseph Capriati, Marco Bailey, Paco Osuna, Pig&Dan, Ramon Tapia, Robert S, Sasha Carassi, Sam Paganini, Slam, and many others.


Amnesiac is a producer and DJ of unspecified origin. The moniker is a nod to Tails OS and, more generally, the ideal of a computer that's agnostic of personally identifiable information. Sonically and thematically, the music centers on intersections between technology and cultural development, specifically the sinister growth of the surveillance industrial complex. With a background in engineering, producing under this ethos came naturally. Initially dabbling in other electronic genres such as synthpop and power electronics, Amnesiac settled into making techno after a significant trip to Berlin Atonal. He quickly developed an interest in producing with synths and drum machines, starting with a Korg MS-20 and quickly committing to an all-hardware workflow. The rationale was to record only what could be reproduced in a live setting. Amnesiac connected with like-minded producers Monix and Komprezzor to co-host a Movement opening party in 2018, premiering a well-received live set. He then released a debut EP 'nmap' on his eponymous label Amnesiac Host before returning to Detroit for another live set in May 2019. Since then, Amnesiac has published monthly charts and DJ mixes while writing for 'Manhattan Directorate', an EP released on Darkroom Bureau in December. Now the year is 2020 at this time of writing and Amnesiac will carry forward. The future is certain. The past: forgotten. Amnesia is survival.


Climbing up in the underground music scene of Los Angeles, ERR0R developed his interest in the fringes of sound as a guitarist before turning his focus to techno in 2018. His current output as a techno maker gives a common exploration of darkness both in mood and in execution. Beyond Consciousness described ERR0R’S sound as a "straight ahead techno juggernaut with driving drum patterns.